Tourist Circuits

Laguna del Maule, border with Argentina, 110 km away, is the center of water supply of the Maule Region, has beautiful viewpoints with waterfalls up to 20 meters, in the lagoon can find ice and snow depending on the season of the year. Before reaching the lake we pass through native forests with a high variety of wild flora and birds that inhabit the foothills.

Viñas Circuit, you will meet many vineyards, some vines of great career and other emerging. in them you can buy wines at low cost or do wine tasting courses (two hours)and guided by the vineyards visits, everything described is the direct cost of the tourist.Among the main vineyards have Curico Miguel Torres, Viña San Pedro in Molina and Vía Wines Vineyard owned by Don Francisco, in the latter must pay a fee.

Costa Circuit , we take you through the main beaches of the region, visiting the beautiful beach of Chanco and cheeses, Curanipe and Constitution, you can have lunch at picturesque places of this city or in Restaurant Breakwater with varied gourmet cuisine, also visiting fishing villages They are offering seafood, returning in the afternoon to Shambala HN.

Siete tazas Radal Park, we take along a country road between hills and returned by paved road, we show you the charms of Rio Claro and natural pools where you can bathe and observe flora and fauna, to reach the National Park where you should cancel your entry.

Pelarco, visit the church of San Pedro National Monument and the house in ruins of Ibáñez del Campo family, the latter must ask permission to enter early and returning visit a natural waterfall and Rio Manzano.

Times of departure and return are in agreement, thinking that you can go all proposed sites for the day.