Loaded with good energies Therapies for the soul

Cama de Cuarzo: "Piedra de la Salud" Bed Quartz: "Stone of Health" Quartz is a powerful crystal or too rough stone, which emits natural electrical shock capable of acting on the organs and cellular level, is very good for meditation stone to cure all diseases and makes us think positively..
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Tibetan bowl: "A Message for the Soul"
His magical sound emanates healing and silences the mind, balances the body and refreshes the soul. We Work with the 7 energy centers of Tibetan bowl sound, with its vibrating sound is clean, activate and align the chakras, stimulates the vital forces and tune our body with the energies of the cosmos, it stimulates all cells.

The price of Basalt Stone Massage: "basalt stones, a gift from our mother earth" $ 15.000 Chilean peso

These stones are rich in iron and magnesium they are stones of volcanic origin, are dark and dense, the darker are these stones longer retain heat because of their higher iron concentration, the more iron have greater its magnetic power.

This hot stone massage combines manual massage Relieving back with scented oils (aromatherapy) and placing stones at different temperatures in the energy points along the spine.

a high level of deep relaxation and a noticeable relief from body aches is obtained, in addition to rebalance the physical and mental energy.