We invite you to visit Shambala H.N. a place where you can relax, watch the sunrise, hear the chirping of birds and poultry; where you can see a beautiful sunset with a colorful horizon of orange, red and violet colors creating a wonderful red glow. An enabling environment for reading your favorite books, walking, biking, do yoga or just meditate. Shambala H.N. is located in a meadow where we have birds walking freely; roosters, hens, chickens, geese, Portuguese ducks, turkeys and also friendly sheeps.

In this natural setting overlooking the mountains, we can see the impressive “Descabezado Grande volcano”, where storms forming in the cone of the volcano seeing lightning illuminating the night sky.

This unique spectacle can be seen on some nights from December to March.

During the night, if you like to watch the Milky Way, you will see clean starlit moonless nights, the presence of a very bright Venus; and if you are fonder and you have a telescope you can enjoy the vastness of space. You can also come here in the output stage of the full moon what it is really wonderful, also when the moon is in the crescent phase and see when it hides in the west by turning orange.

Since the second half of July you will see the birth of the sheep until the first week of September. In September, the chicks start to hatch from hens that have been cramming 21 days before. In October are the births of geese, turkeys and ducks. We know that in the big city can no longer enjoy these simple and natural wonders as contamination of noises do not give space for a break, the buildings do not allow observing the natural phenomena of the moon and sun, the clarity of city obscures the stars, etc. In Chile, the summer season begins in November and in the region of Maule weather stays good until April.

And for all, the weather it does not matter because you can enjoy a tub with hot water outdoors with a starry night, to detox from all the stress of the city. In winter our house is also very cozy in the living room, there is a wood burning stove where you can drink mate, teas and blends, coffee, whenever you want.
We are hosts to welcome and assist you...

Our Vision

We constantly work on the quality of our first class services, advancing and innovating. We are concerned about the environment, so we are doing sustainable practices in Shambala HN.
Not lose our strengths of kindness, cordiality, responsibility, optimism, attitude of service, tourist importance, quality, presence, reliability, punctuality.
Our vision is to be a leader of the National Rural Tourism, in order to meet the requirements of our national and foreign tourists.

Out Mission

We create Shambala HN to give space to your senses. We offer a dream rest, tranquility and fresh air, a dawn with birdsong, a wonderful afterglow of sunset, the impressive output of the full moon.
Moreover, the possibility to listen to the silence of the night in which you can hear the croaking of frogs and toads, the creak, creak of crickets; just enjoy the essence of the nature .......
We offer all our hosting services in category "Luxury" comfort and quality of services.